WIA Web Resources

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Resources


Department of Agricultural Economics - http://agecon.unl.edu

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension - http://extension.unl.edu

Crop Watch - http://cropwatch.unl.edu/home

Cornhusker Economics - http://www.agecon.unl.edu/Cornhuskereconomics

Market Journal - http://marketjournal.unl.edu/home

Farm Bill Information Page - http://www.agecon.unl.edu/farmbill.html

Cornhusker Management & Outlook Conference - http://www.agecon.unl.edu/resource/cemoc.html

Ag Manager's Toolbox - http://westcentral.unl.edu/agecon

North Central Risk Management Education Center - http://www.ncrme.org/

Center for Applied Rural Innovation - http://cari.unl.edu/

Outside Resources

Nebraska Farm Business, Inc. - http://www.nfbi.net/

Nebraska Department of Agriculture - http://www.nda.nebraska.gov/

United States Department of Agriculture - http://www.usda.gov

Center for Rural Affairs - http://www.cfra.org

Grow Nebraska - http://www.grownebraska.org/

Roy Smith's Marketing Website - http://www.soyroy.com/

Nebraska Agrotourism Handbook - http://nlcs1.nlc.state.ne.us/epubs/E1800/H008-2005.pdf

State and Regional Women in Agriculture Sites

Delaware Women in Ag - http://ag.udel.edu/extension/kent/womeninag.htm

Kentucky Women in Ag - http://www.kywomeninag.com

Midwest Women in Ag - http://www.ces.purdue.edu/wia/

Print Publications

An Introduction to Agricultural Production and Marketing Contracts, G1613

Livestock Risk Protection Insurance: A Self-Study Guide, EC839

Hedging and Basis Considerations For Fed Cattle Livestock Risk Protection Insurance, EC834

Weights and Measures for Horticultural Crops , G1640

Beef Cattle Share Lease Agreements, EC841