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Feb. 24-25, 2022 - Women in Agriculture Conference 

Through workshops and presentations, attendees will learn how to better manage risk, improve their farms and ranches and become more successful operators and business partners.

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Free Quickbooks and Quicken Courses for Farmers and Ranchers

"Quickbooks and Quicken for Farm and Ranch Record Keeping” is free, self-paced online courses that teaches the basics of Quickbooks Quicken. 

The courses focuse on the record-keeping needs of farmers and ranchers. Registration is required but the course is free.

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Circles of Support: Building Resilience Together

Focusing on your resilience right now can help you get through tough times. There are several things that contribute to your resilience and connecting with other people can improve them all. That’s why we should work on Building Resilience Together.

Start by reaching out to a group of 5 to 10 people and talking about what you are going through. Getting together virtually with small circle of people can help you foster hope, make a plan, take care of yourself and find meaning. It can help you cope now and get ready not just to bounce back, but to bounce forward.

We’ve created a Women in Agriculture Learning Circle Guide: Building Resilience Together to help you and provide structure for your circle’s conversations and activities.

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