Know your numbers, know your options

Know Your Numbers, Know Your Options

Making decisions for your farm and ranch can be stressful. However, having good financial records can help make the decision making process easier.

To help farmers and ranchers improve their record keeping and decision making, Nebraska Extension will be holding “Know Your Numbers, Know Your Options” courses across the state. Each “Know Your Numbers, Know Your Options” course is a series of four, three-hour sessions that will teach farmers and ranchers how to analyze their financial documents. The course fee is $20 per participant; class size is limited to 20 people per location. 

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Women managing agricultural land

Women Managing Agricultural Land Conference

Female agriculture landowners, farmers and ranchers, and industry professionals looking to increase their business management skills are encouraged to register for the 2019 Women Managing Agricultural Land conference.

The Women Managing Agricultural Land Conference will allow women to build relationships with each other, attend workshops and gain valuable knowledge. Three keynote speakers and 12 workshops will focus on helping Nebraska farmland owners and tenants navigate the challenges they face. Registration Opens Nov. 1, 2019

When: December 11, 2019, 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Where: Nebraska Innovation Campus, 2021 Transformation Drive Lincoln, NE 68508

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Join a Women in Agriculture Learning Circle logo

Women in Agriculture Learning Circles

Working on your resilience right now, even if you are still dealing with or recovering from the disaster, can help you get through this. There are several things that contribute to your resilience, and connecting with other people can improve them all. That’s why we should work on Building Resilience Together. 

Start by reaching out to to a group of 5 to 10 people and talking about what you are going through. Getting together regularly with small circle of people can help you foster hope, make a plan, take care of yourself and find meaning. It can help you cope now and get ready not just to bounce back, but to bounce forward. 

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Nebraska Women in Agriculture Conference logo

Nebraska Women in Agriculture Conference

The Nebraska Women in Agriculture Conference is a two-day event designed to educate and uplift women involved in any aspect of Nebraska's agricultural industry. Through workshops and presentations, attendees will learn how to better manage risk, improve their farms and ranches and become more successful operators and business partners. The conference features 5 general session speakers and over 30 concurrent workshops! Don't miss this opportunity! 

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