Annie's Project

The goal of Annie's Project is to provide an educational program designed to empower farm/ranch women to manage information systems used in critical decision-making processes and develop a network support which is essential for continuing education and self-help. As a result of this education, women become confident members of the management team for their operation.

Become a Facilitator

Are you interested in becoming an Annie’s Project facilitator? Join us for a 2-day facilitator training session, May 25-26 in Grand Island, NE at the Fairfield Inn focused on Annie’s Project and Managing for Today and Tomorrow programming. All expenses will be reimbursed for Nebraska educators. Registration for those from out-of-state will be $75.

Register here for the training 
If you are a Nebraska educator, when registering use “Nebraska” as a code word in the box asking for a code. You will not be asked for a credit card.
Read here for more specific information about the training and how to reserve hotel rooms.

Annie's Humble Beginnings...

After growing up in a small town in Illinois, Annie married a farmer and spent her lifetime learning how to be an involved business partner with her husband. This project shares her experiences with farm women living and working in a complex business. The target audience is women actively involved in agriculture and agribusiness including women landowners. The program will be delivered in a series of six workshops that are three hours in length. It will combine lecture, discussion, individual work, small group work, computer work, and audio/visual support to address the topics of risk, financial statements, understanding personalities, marketing plans, business plans, estate planning, spreadsheets, and technology.

For more information in Nebraska contact Cheryl Griffith, Program Coordinator, or 402-472-0079

Annie's Project Nationwide

For general information on Annie's Project and an example course itinerary, please click here.


Annies Project

Risk Management Education

The Women in Agriculture program works to provide timely education on risk management for Nebraska's agricultural women in the following areas of agricultural risk:

  • Marketing
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Producation
  • Human Resources


For basic information on agricultural risk management please visit the USDA's Introduction to Risk Management.