2018 Proceedings

Thursday February 22, 2018

11:00 a.m.Workshop Session 1
1:30 p.m. Workshop Session 2
3:15 p.m. Workshop Session 3
7:15 p.m. FunShops

Friday February 23, 2018

9:00 a.m. Workshop Session 4
10:45 p.m. Workshop Session 5
Keynote Speaker Ruth Hambleton
Speaker Leslie McCuiston
Speaker Michelle Soll
Capstone Speaker Ann Finkner
Two Hands on the Wheel! Using Financial Records to Navigate Low Revenue Times by Ruth Hambleton
2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act by Austin Duerfeldt
Trends in Nebraska Farm Real Estate and Flexible Lease Arrangements 2017-2018 by Jim Jansen
Managing Precipitation Risk for Pasture and Annual Forage by Jay Parsons