Love of the Land Conference 2021

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The Nebraska Women in Agriculture program will be hosting the Love of the Land Conference on Dec. 9, 2021 virtually via Zoom.

The conference will offer learning opportunities for female farmland owners and tenants looking to improve their business management skills and navigate the challenges of owning and renting agricultural land.

During the event, Allan Vyhnalek will welcome attendees with his keynote address, “For the Love of the Land, and Your Effective Relationships, It is About Communication”. Vyhnalek has spent the last 33 years in Extension working in both Iowa and Nebraska. His current role as a University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Extension Educator for Farm and Ranch Succession and Transition allows him to help agriculture families through generational transfers.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn from industry experts during workshop sessions about lease agreements, rental rates, crop & livestock insurance! 

Recorded Sessions

For Ag Land and Relationships, It's All About Communications, Allan Vyhnalek

When there is trouble with the Land, it almost always relates back to little or no effective communications. This presentation will look at how to be more effective in building the trust from the ground up with those that you work with on managing that land that you love.

Grazing Land Leases - What is Fair?, Erin Laborie

A common question often asked by landowners and tenants of grazing land is, “What is a fair rental rate for pasture?”. When it comes to grazing land lease agreements, rental rates are just a piece of the puzzle. This session will dive into the numerous factors that influence rental rates and explore additional grazing land lease provisions that should be considered by both landowners and tenants to establish a fair lease agreement.

It Doesn't Have to be Grandpa's Crop Share Agreement, Allan Vyhnalek

Profits & Risk: Cropland Rental Rates & Flex Leases for 2022, Jim Jansen

How has COVID-19 and volatility in commodity markets reshaped the Nebraska farm real estate industry? Many landlords and tenants face uncertainty and risk from price volatility and rising crop input expenses. Given these circumstances, how do landlords and tenants arrive at an equitable cash rental for cropland in 2022? This presentation covers current trends in cash rental rates across Nebraska and methods for setting equitable cash rental rates using flex leases on cropland. Understanding these trends remains even more critical given the current financial circumstances faced by many operators across the state. Trends and strategies discussed provide the skills and insight necessary for implementing cash rental rates that account for the needs of landlords and tenants.

Managing Crop Insurance, Cory Walters

In this presentation Cory will dive into the important components of a crop insurance policy as well as the benefits and costs associated with crop insurance. The discussion will address how crop insurance indirectly influences other farm decisions.

Updates & Insights into Current Livestock Insurance Programs, Jay Parsons

Recent changes to the Livestock Risk Protection insurance and the precipitation insurance tools available to livestock producers in the state have resulted in a large increase in usage and better results for producers. The changes represent the strongest effort to date to make these programs more user friendly and appealing to use. This presentation will provide participants with an opportunity to learn the significance of these changes, how people are currently using these insurance programs in the state, and discuss opportunities to implement some of them as part of their own risk management strategy.

Land vs. Legacy - It's More Than Dirt, Kathy McHenry

The plans you make for the legacy you’ve created are about more than real estate and livestock and machinery. They’re about relationships and livelihoods and the future of those you love. They’re about your faith and your morals and the impact of your life’s work. Kathy will share ideas about how to tie all sides together, how to manage the “what if’s” and how to create the plan you’ve put off far too long.

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